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The Constitution of WTSC 91.1 FM   The Source

Revised July 28, 2004

ArticleI Name
II Purpose
III Membership
IV Executive Board
V Voting
VI Amendments
VII Meetings
VIII Finances
IX Dissolution
X Hazing Policy
XI Sexual Harassment Policy
XII Supremacy
XIII Ratification
XIV Constitutional Review
XV Advisorship

Article I: Name

Section 1.01

The name of this organization shall be WTSC 91.1 FM   The Source. We will retain the official name of WTSC/WNTC 91.1 FM   The Source, for historical reasons with alumni, but will not use it as our official name registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). WTSC is located in the basement of Hamlin-Powers and is composed of a radio station with two (2) broadcast studios, production studio, remote crew, sports announcement staff, engineering staff, computer administration staff, and an automation system. WTSC is owned by the Knight and Day Corporation, operated by the Clarkson University Student Association (CUSA) and is licensed by the FCC to operate on channel 216, at a frequency of 91.1 megahertz, with an effective radiated power of 700 watts. The website of the radio station is owned and operated at by CUSA.

Article II: Purpose

Section 2.01

The purpose of WTSC shall be to operate a campus radio station for the Clarkson University students entertainment and instruction and to provide a public service to the general Potsdam, New York and vicinity communities.

Article III: Membership

Section 3.01

Any Clarkson University student, graduate student, faculty, or staff member may apply for membership, provided that they meet the eligibility requirements of CUSA, the by-laws, and they have paid their required activities fee.

Section 3.02

a) Any member found committing any act that is unsafe, irresponsible, or contrary to WTSC’s rules and purpose shall have his or her membership reviewed for possible suspension or removal by the Executive Board. A 2/3 vote of the Executive Board will suspend a person’s membership for no longer than one semester’s time. The executive board can make the recommendation to the membership for the removal of the member. A 2/3 majority of voting membership will remove a member from WTSC.

b) The member will be able to speak in their defense before a vote is taken for either suspension or removal. The member must be notified at least one (1) week before a vote is taken on their possible suspension or removal. It is the member’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of the club.

c) A 2/3 majority of voting membership can override any member suspension decision of the executive board.

e) If a person believes that he or she has been unjustly removed or suspended from the club, that person may call on the Activities Committee for a review of the club’s actions and possible reinstatement of membership. A 2/3 vote of the Senate is required to reinstate a member. In the case of expulsion, the club may also restore a person to membership or office through the same preliminary steps and vote as is required for an election.

Article IV: Executive Board

Section 4.01

a) The executive board of this organization shall consist of a: General Manager, Station Manager, Business Director, Senior Music Director, Chief Engineer, Production Manager, Remote Director, Sports Director, Computer Administrator, and Webmaster. They shall be elected for a term of one academic year. The officers will take office at the end of the last meeting of the academic year. No person may hold more than one office at a time.

b) The executive board shall have the power to veto. The executive board needs a 3/4 majority vote to veto any actions of the club. The membership may override the veto by a 2/3 majority of voting membership.

Section 4.02

a) The election of officers shall take place one week prior to spring break vacation. The election must be announced to the entire membership at least two weeks prior to the date of elections. The election shall take place after an announced meeting where nominations for officers shall be opened, which must be at least one week before elections.

b) Nominations shall remain open until the voting of a particular office. At any time within this nomination period, someone can be nominated for office by contacting the current General Manager. Anyone may make a nomination. The nominee may accept or decline the nomination.

c) Voting shall be done by secret ballot and the results shall be made known within one week following the election. Elections must take place at a meeting where a quorum has been met. Absentee ballots may be accepted up to three days following the election meeting. Elections will proceed in the order listed in this constitution (General Manager through Webmaster). Candidates must win by a simple majority of the vote. If no person is nominated for a position, write-in candidates will be accepted. If no person is elected to a position, the General Manager will appoint someone. The appointee must be a member of the club and eligible for office as stated in the by-laws.

d) In the event of a tie, the current Executive Board shall hold a re-vote. The election will follow the same guidelines stated above within one week following the announcement of the election results and will follow the same guidelines as the elections meeting except that only the candidates that tied for office will be allowed to run in the re-vote.

Section 4.03

a) General Manager (GM) - The GM shall preside over the meetings and see that all business is carried out in a proper manner. The GM shall vote only in the case of a tie. The GM shall appoint the chairs of any committees formed. The GM shall oversee the elections for the year to succeed theirs, except in the case where he/she is being considered for another office. In this case the current Executive Board should choose an arbitrary member that is not being considered for the office. The GM shall be responsible for general administration of WTSC and its facets, discipline of members, correspondence between WTSC, CUSA, as well as appropriate faculty and administration, and security of WTSC, its equipment and members. The GM shall be responsible for an annual WTSC written report of activities; stating the goals and intentions of WTSC for the coming year, to be presented to the CUSA Senate.

b) Station Manager (SM) - The SM shall assist the GM in carrying out his/her duties, and shall, in the absence of the GM, carry out the duties of the GM as described in Section 4.03a. The SM shall be responsible for appointing a Program Director, Studio A Administrator, Studio B Administrator, and shall assume the responsibilities of these positions should they ever be vacant. The SM shall be responsible for recruiting new members and for correspondence of the Executive Board and members. The SM shall keep an accurate written record of all meetings, keep attendance, and be the custodian of all documents and records.

i) The Program Director shall maintain the weekly broadcast schedule of WTSC.
ii) The Studio A Administrator shall maintain the cleanliness and order of Studio A and train members on Studio A equipment.
iii) The Studio B Administrator shall maintain the cleanliness and order of Studio B and train members on Studio B equipment.

c) Business Director (BD) - The BD shall control the funds of WTSC and make financial reports and expenditures as authorized by the Executive Board. The BD shall be responsible for working along with the CUSA Senate to obtain funding for any event/project that requires CUSA assistance. The BD shall act in accordance with the finance policy. The BD shall be responsible for submitting a budget to the CUSA Senate each spring semester. The BD shall be responsible for the public relations of WTSC and maintaining a healthy image of WTSC among the CUSA, Potsdam, and vicinity communities.

d) Senior Music Director (Sr.MD) - The Sr.MD shall maintain the current music library of WTSC, obtain new music, perform reviews, maintain weekly charts of music played by WTSC, and maintain WTSC’s licensing. The Sr.MD shall be responsible for correspondence of WTSC and record labels. The Sr.MD shall be responsible for appointing Assistant Music Directors to assist the Sr.MD in carrying out his/her duties.

e) Chief Engineer (CE) - The CE shall maintain all equipment of WTSC, maintain WTSC’s compliance with FCC regulations, and perform general maintenance of the radio station. The CE shall be responsible for appointing Assistant Engineers to assist the CE in carrying out his/her duties.

f) Production Manager (PM) - The PM shall seek out projects for the Production Studio and administer the use of the Production Studio for said projects. The PM shall be responsible for appointing Production Assistants to assist the PM in carrying out his/her duties.

g) Remote Director (RD) - The RD shall seek out events, on and off campus, for the remote crew to perform at, administer the use of remote equipment for said events, and maintain remote equipment. The RD shall be responsible for appointing Remote Assistants to assist the RD in carrying out his/her duties.

h) Sports Director (SD) - The SD shall be the head announcer at on campus sporting events, administer the use of sports announcement equipment, and maintain the said equipment. The SD shall be responsible for appointing Announcers to assist the SD in carrying out his/her duties and to be announcers at on campus sporting events with or instead of the SD.

i) Computer Administrator (CA) - The CA shall maintain the WTSC automation system and other radio station computers, internal network, and security camera system.

j) Webmaster - The Webmaster shall maintain the radio station website and be responsible for all correspondence of WTSC and OIT.

k) Committee Chairs - The Committee Chairs shall be in charge of their respective committees. They shall hold meetings and report to the Executive Board.

Section 4.04

Any member may challenge an officer by presenting the name and reason to the General Manager. If the General Manager is the party in question, a member may go to the Station Manager. Officers may be removed by a 2/3 majority of voting membership at a meeting at which quorum has been met. This meeting must be announced to the entire membership at least one week in advance. The officer(s) affected should be able to speak in his/her defense to the entire membership.

Section 4.05

If an officer is removed, resigns, or can no longer perform his/her duties, they shall be replaced in a meeting that follows the same guidelines stated in Section 4.02 for each vacant office.

Article V: Voting

Section 5.01

A vote will only be effective if taken at a meeting where a quorum, defined as 2/3 of the membership, is met. If a quorum has not been met, the vote shall be tabled until one can be established. All members must be notified of a vote two days before the meeting at which the vote will take place. Absentee ballots will count towards a quorum.

Section 5.02

Quorum of the Executive Board shall be six (6) members.

Article VI: Amendments

Section 6.01

Any member may propose amendments to this constitution by presenting it to the General Manager at least a week before the member intends to bring it to the floor. The proposed amendments must be made available to the entire membership at least one week before they are to be debated on the floor. The General Manager will bring the amendment to the floor for debate. An amendment shall be adopted upon an affirmative vote by 2/3 of the entire membership and subsequent approval by CUSA. Upon passage, the Station Manager will make the proper correction to the Constitution. Only a 2/3 vote of the entire membership and subsequent approval by CUSA nullifies this Constitution. The CUSA Senate shall approve all amendments to this Constitution before becoming effective as outlined in the CUSA Constitution.

Section 6.02

Any member may propose amendments to WTSC by-laws. The amendment must be submitted to General Manager at least a week before the member intends to bring it to the floor. The amendment must be made available to the entire membership one week before the member brings it to the floor. The General Manager will bring the amendment to the floor and open debate. The amendment will be adopted and added to the by-laws upon a 2/3 majority of voting membership.

Article VII: Meetings

Section 7.01

Meetings shall be held as determined in the by-laws. A quorum for a meeting shall be 2/3 of the membership. Meetings shall be announced to the entire membership at least one week in advance. The General Manager may call special meetings. Due to the large number of members, meetings will be held at a minimum of every other month.

Note: There must be a minimum number of meetings per semester in order for the organization to be funded, i.e. once a week or once a month. This can be established in the by-laws.

Article VIII: Finances

Section 8.01

The organization shall derive its funds from dues, lawful profit making activities, and from CUSA, by submitting a budget to CUSA for approval. The budget shall be prepared by the Business Director and approved by a vote of the membership before being submitted to CUSA. WTSC shall be in accordance with the CUSA Finance Policy. In the event that WTSC becomes defunct, all tangible assets shall revert back to CUSA.

Article IX: Dissolution

Section 9.01

In case of dissolution, all assets will revert back to CUSA.

Article X: Hazing Policy

Section 10.01

Neither this organization nor any of its members may authorize or participate in an action or situation that recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health of another member. The consumption, forced or voluntary of alcohol or drugs for purpose of initiation into, or affiliation with, this organization shall not be allowed. This organization shall be subject to rescission of permission to operate on campus property, and loss of CUSA recognition. Any members may face legal penalties if in violation of local, state, or federal laws.

Article XI: Sexual Harassment Policy

Section 11.01

Neither this nor any of its members shall participate in any act of sexual harassment. The Executive Board should be notified of any alleged acts of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment will be handled by CUSA according to their procedures.

Article XII: Supremacy

Section 12.01

The CUSA constitution is recognized as supreme over this constitution.

Article XIII: Ratification

Section 13.01

This constitution shall become effective upon the approval by a 2/3 majority of voting membership and its subsequent approval by CUSA.

Article XIV: Constitutional Review

Section 14.01

The constitution of the organization is subject to review every four years by the club. Following approval, the approved version with any revisions passed by the membership shall be dated and submitted to the CUSA Activities Committee.

Article XV: Advisorship

Section 15.01

The organization shall choose a faculty advisor or advisors from the staff of Clarkson University by the second meeting of the fall semester. This advisor shall attend meetings in a nonvoting capacity.

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