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Executive Board Members

The executive board of WTSC exists to serve the members of WTSC and the audience which makes up our community. The board meets once per week in a meeting open to all members. To find out when this meeting is, please contact one of the managers. If you have an issue you would like to address, please contact either the general manager or station manager. For reference of the duties of each executive board officer, please reference our constitution.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to ongoing improvements, the e-mails listed below are no longer accurate. This website will be updated in the coming weeks. Please see the "contact" page. Thank You!
General ManagerBraylin
Station ManagerJonathon
Business DirectorNathan
Remote DirectorJenny
Sports DirectorJohn
Music DirectorCooper
Chief EngineerBenjamin
Production Studio
Production ManagerZack
Web Development
Computer AdministratorPosition emptyNo email provided
Student AdvisorBen Morton-BlackNo email provided
Faculty AdvisorJoshua
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