Interview With Hockey Players A Success!

Last night, the WTSC Sports Crew interviewed five of our amazing student athletes. These athletes included: Gabrielle David, Josh Dunne, Chris Klack, Lauren Bernard, and Stephanie Markowski. If you missed it, here is the audio file! Listen as the players give insight on how they are dealing with this tough time, different memories they had of last season, and what they are looking forward to for this season!

Remote Interview of The Men’s and Women’s Hockey Teams Tonight!!

Tonight at 8 PM EST, your sports broadcasters Jake Swanson, Casey Ditzel, and Matt Koscak will be interviewing five student athletes from the men’s and women’s hockey teams. The team will interview the athletes about the abrupt end to their seasons, what they are doing now during these tough times, and what they are looking forward to next season! Tune in tonight to catch Josh Dunne, Gabrielle David, Lauren Bernard, Stephanie Markowski, and Chris Klack answer some of these questions!

Women’s Hockey Hosts Headway Foundation Game

The ECAC is partnering with the Headway foundation to raise awareness around concussions

This weekend, the Women Golden Knights are dedicating their game vs. Dartmouth University on January 24th to raise awareness for the New Tough Pact. Both hockey teams have partnered with the Headway Foundation for the past three seasons to promote a safer sports culture surrounding concussions. They are challenging our student athletes at Clarkson and around the Potsdam community to think differently about concussions, so join them in redefining what it means to be tough. Show your support today as they take on Dartmouth at 4 PM in Cheel Arena!

Automation Patch Notes V 0.1.0

This patch on automation you can expect to see some rather drastic changes. To start off, we’ve implemented a new “genre block” system that chooses a different genre of music from our library every hour to play. This has presented a new set of difficulties for the balance team here at WTSC, but we’re hoping to get major issues sorted by the end of this patch.

New Additions

We’re looking at a hefty set of additions to the automation system. You can find the complete list here:

  • Pop
  • Alternative
  • Electronic
  • 00’s
  • 60’s
  • 70’s
  • 80’s
  • 90’s


Alternative: 11.25

Pop: 11.1

Electronic: 11.25 (Weekend Nights)

70’s: 11.1

80’s: 11.1


The Electronic genre was dominating the airspace; therefore, we’ve decided that, until the genre has been reevaluated, to reduce its airtime. Also, the music selection in the 00’s genre isn’t great. It will also be reevaluated.

Electronic: 10.5 (Weekday Mornings)

Electronic: 10.75 (Weekdays)

00’s: 10.75

Upcoming Changes

  • Rock genre
  • Classic Rock genre
  • Remove Hardstyle from the Electronic block
  • Billboard Top 40 block
  • Split the “decade” genres more appropriately

Come Support Clarkson’s Basketball Team!

Come out to the Alumni Gym this Tuesday! (12/10/19) Both the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams will take on St. Lawrence! The women tip off at 5:30 PM and the men at 7:30 PM. WTSC the Source be there to bring you the play-by-play for each game if you can’t make it out! Tune in at 91.1FM!

Election Results

Hi everyone, Clarkson Radio is happy to announce the election results for Eboard in Spring 2020! Congratulations to Hudson Heckert and Mike Prevost as our new General Manager and Station Manager. Thanks to everyone who came to vote!

Tony Tuesday!

This Tuesday (10/8/19) is Tony Tuesday! Once a year on Tony Tuesday clubs on the Clarkson campus get to compete for extra money by answering a question from Tony Collins himself! WTSC Clarkson Radio will be there competing. Come join the event and support Clarkson Radio!